Top 5 Cities of Australia for International Students

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Top 5 Cities of Australia for International Students

Australia is 3rd most popular destination for international students. There are numerous benefits of studying in Australia.  Some of the main reasons why students opt for Australia over other countries are:

  • 3000+ Course Options to choose from
  • High Ranked Universities and Colleges
  • Worldwide recognized and Quality Education
  • Affordable Living and Tuition Fees Expenses
  • Large number of Scholarship Options
  • Friendly people and Safe environment
  • Post Study Work and during Study work rights

In this article, we will be talking about the 5 most popular study destinations in Australia.


Sydney is capital of NSW (New South Wales) and Australia’s largest city. It is one of the most popular destinations for international students, visitors and immigrants. There are number of universities in Sydney which have got their main campuses or having study centers located in the heart of Sydney. Sydney is one of the most expensive cities in the world but the average wages are also high comparatively to other cities. It has got all the beauty tall buildings, mountains and beaches and plenty of historical places. The temperature is also moderate. Some of the universities located in Sydney are:

Western Sydney University

University of New South Wales

UTS Sydney

Macquarie University

Victoria University Sydney Campus


Melbourne is capital of Victoria and Australia’s 2nd largest city. It is one of the most livable cities in the world and home to many excellent and high ranked universities which makes it more attractive for international students. There are people living from around 90+ countries around the world thus it is culturally diversified. It is less expensive than Sydney and students are able to find affordable accommodation near the university campuses.

Melbourne is known for its diverse and vibrant culture. It hosts numerous cultural events and supports an extensive mix of eateries and bars. Melbourne is also Australia’s unofficial sporting capital. It is rated as Australia’s best and most livable city. Some of the most popular universities located in Melbourne are:

University of Melbourne

Monash University

La Trobe University

Swinburne University

RMIT University

Victoria University


Perth is Australia’s fastest growing capital city. It is capital of Western Australia. Perth is a major study abroad destination, with around 35,000 international students studying in four universities. It has got river, beaches, clubs, restaurants, bars, nightlife and a lot of outdoor activities. There are many sports clubs to join through the universities and the student unions put on many events which makes it quite easy for the international students to get comfortable with the things in city. Perth has got 4 universities.

University of Western Australia

Curtin University

Edith Cowan University

Murdoch University


Brisbane is third largest city of Australia and capital of Queensland. Brisbane has got 3 main largest universities and there are several other universities which have got study centers located in Brisbane. It has got excellent transportation facilities and less expensive than Melbourne or Sydney. It is known for the tourist industry and a lot of other companies and investing a huge amount in Brisbane. Brisbane was host of Commonwealth Games 2018. Few of the universities which are located in Brisbane are:

University of Queensland

Queensland University of Technology

Griffith University

Southern Cross University

Central Queensland University



Hobart is the capital of Tasmania. It has got natural beauty and it is the cheapest city of Australia for students. There is only one university located in Hobart which is University of Tasmania. UTAS is a state university thus has got many scholarship and funding benefits. It is also quite easy to get State Sponsorship in Tasmania for deserving candidates who are willing to migrate to Tasmania. UTAS is offering wide range of courses in certain specializations at both undergraduate and post graduate level.

University of Tasmania


Australia has got everything which a developed country should have. Take this opportunity to study in Australia and learn about new cultures, make friends, be independent, and improve your communication and interpersonal skills. Studying abroad is an experience unlike any other.

Written and Published by Precious Education and Immigration Consultant, Ahmedabad.

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