Education System in Australia:

The institutions in Australia are TAFE, Private Providers & Universities. Australian institutions offer programs ranging from Year 11 & 12, diplomas, associate degrees, bachelor degrees, Graduate & Postgraduate Diplomas, Masters (By coursework & Research), Doctorate.

Accommodation options for international students:

There are different accommodation options that can be taken by a student. Majority of students prefer living with friends in shared accommodation where they are able to share costs on rent, power, food etc. The other options available are:

Homestay: AUD 150- AUD300 per week

Shared Accommodation : AUD 100 – AUD 300 per week

Campus Accommodation: AUD 150 – AUD 400 per week

Cost of Australian Education:

Diploma Programs : AUD 6,000 – AUD 15,000 per year

Bachelor’s Degrees: AUD 12,000 –AUD 25,000 per year

Master’s Degrees : AUD 14,000 – AUD 28,000 per year

Why study in Australia:

Growing Destination

Australia is rapidly growing as one of the most popular destinations for international students to attend. Currently Australia has the third largest international student enrollment behind the USA and the UK.

Global Recognition

Degrees obtained from Australian universities are recognized all over the world, and there is the added boost that the Australian higher education system is federally regulated. Which means the Australian government regulates all universities in the country each year to make sure they are maintaining their high education standards.

Cost of Living

The cost of living and tuition costs in Australia are much lower that compared to the USA or the UK. These lower costs make it more affordable for students to attend a school in Australia and still have a high standard of living.


Institutions in Australia offer a wide variety of course and degrees, making it easy to find a fit that is right for you!


Not many people know this, but Australia is in the top 10 spenders in the world for research and development and 2% of all scientific papers in the world come from Australia, putting Australia at the forefront of new technology and innovations. From only a meager population of 19 million, there have been 7 Nobel Prize winners.